A little ramble…

Well hello there! How are you all doing? How’re things? Long time no speak! Here we are again discussing how yet again I am failing at consistent blog writing… But here we are anyway…

Back in September I wrote a post about my own personal new year that I mark when the colder weather strikes and what my little goals were. One of them was to try and write a couple of blog posts a month, but alas I have only written a handful in the past few months. I don’t really have a good enough excuse other than just being stupidly snowed under with work that my brain just wants to switch off as soon as I walk back through my front door. If anyone knows the secret to being a successful, consistent blogger whilst working a full time job and still living a normal human life please let me know your secrets, I will pay you in very well made cups of tea or just in love heart/star emojis one DM’s… 

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Well firstly Happy New Year! It’s still acceptable to say that right? I do realise that we’re already a few weeks in (well into the second month actually… Sorry…) but it still counts doesn’t it? Answers on a postcard please…  

How’s your 2019 shaping up to be? Have any big plans or are you keeping things simple?Mine is looking like it could be an interesting one, maybe not the most exciting, but one which is unpredictable and could involve some big life choices. It involves a Masters degree application and a possible move to Manchester. You may here more about that on here if things do actually happen and if I remember to actually write shit down (sozzle in advance for my tardiness…) but certainly watch this space…

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During the first week of 2019 I bought myself a diary as a lot of us do. I had all intentions of filling it out with exciting plans but also to try and keep myself on track in terms of appointments, just general life admin and all the dull stuff. It was one of my *kind of* New Year’s resolutions, to be just a little bit more organised, but I’m already falling at the first hurdle and at life generally. I haven’t written anything in it and I’m still flustering around like a headless chicken knowing I should be somewhere or be doing something important but not really remembering what that is. I thought this what the sort of thing that came with age, you know, being generally organised, but internally I’m still an 11 year old that has no bloody idea what they’re doing but they’re attempting to be a grown up. I know, one day, I’ll find a happy medium where I’ve embraced that this is who I truly am, whilst also being semi-organised so I don’t forget about that gym class or so I’ll actually post that blog…

How do you guys like to stay organised? Drop me a message with your tips and tricks or comment and let me know, honestly anything is better than I am currently doing… 

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So in the haze of my disorganisation it is somehow already February. January, for me, both flew by and also dragged. Towards the end it felt like it had gone on for about 31 years not days and I was so ready to move on. Anyone else feel the same? February is month that I always enjoy a little bit more. Although it’s still a cold and miserable one and it’s kind of an unwritten thought that it is the “Tuesday-iest” month of the year, it’s my birthday month (not that that gets any better as the years go by mind you…) it’s also one little step closer to Spring, some well needed warmer weather and it’s a short one, that goes by in a flash.

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Processed with VSCO with av8 preset

I don’t really know what the purpose of this blog was, hence it’s name. It definitely is a little bit of a ramble, but I suppose to get the blog-writing juices flowing you’ve got to start somewhere and it’s good to have a little catch up and a mind dump every now and then isn’t it?

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I’m determined to try and get properly blogging again so keep your eyes peeled for more little rambles again soon. Maybe I should start using that diary to start scheduling posts then maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually do it… We’ll see…

Thanks for reading as always,



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