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When I started this blog my plan was for it to be primarily a style/fashion page and so far I have failed miserably at writing anything related to fashion. I don’t know if it’s out of fear, the slight nagging doubts that anyone would want to read it; if it’s my worry that I won’t stand out in a fairly well saturated area of blogging/insta world or if it’s all down to the fact that I doubt whether I am actually “fashionable” or “stylish” enough (not that that really matters at all but you catch my drift, hopefully…).

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I adore clothes and I love nothing more than planning an outfit, whether it be for work the next day or for a something more special, the feeling I get when I put together something I feel comfortable and confident in is like no other feeling. That’s the feeling that I want to purvey within my blog posts, the passion and pure love that I feel for clothes and style, disregarding what other people think and ignoring anyone judging.

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So with this thought in mind I’m going to try and attempt some more traditional style and fashion posts with some outfit breakdowns and some passionate ramblings about what I am loving (or not) within my own little fashion bubble…

I’m starting with a ‘jeans and a nice top’ kind of look but with a bit of a difference I think. Everything within this look is second-hand and I have a bit of a love affair with secondhand, I always have. There’s something extra special about finding something second-hand that sits perfectly within your wardrobe that’s way more inspiring and satisfying than picking up the latest trends from the high street.

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Now admittedly everything I’m wearing is originally from the high street, but I came to own them through Depop, my absolute fave clothes buying and selling app. It essentially runs like a combination of Instagram and Ebay, with the visual satisfaction of an Insta grid with the ease of listing and buying ala Ebay. I use it religiously and I think apps like this will be used more and more frequently (and should be…) as we, as a society are getting more and more aware of where our clothes are coming from and how they are coming to be. I don’t pretend to know enough about it to comment on it in a particularly intellectual way but I do realise that we do have a problem with fast fashion and surely apps like Depop can only be a good thing. But anyway, I’m going of track here… (as always…)

Let’s start with a our old faithful friend, denim…

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I rarely buy new denim. I think there’s something about the look of worn denim jeans that has an edge over stiff, crisp new denim. These jeans were originally from Topshop and they’re a traditional mom jean style, my go to shape and size. I tend to struggle finding vintage Levis that fit me properly, either too small on the leg but too big on the waist or just not the shape I’m quite after so my fall back brand I normally look for is Topshop. I normally size up and get one size bigger than my actual size and that, I feel, does a pretty good job of giving a vintage look. Everyone loves a good pair of jeans and there is so much choice out there so maybe give Depop a whirl next time you’re after a new(-ish) pair…

Next up is this pretty darn lovely little cami vest…

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This cream lace cami was originally from the Alexa Chung Marks and Spencer Archive collection, a collection which gave us some pretty beautiful pieces which I’m always on the look out for over on Depop and Ebay. This vest sold out pretty quickly in my size when it was originally released and it’s taken a couple of years for them to start surfacing on second-hand sites. I was so bleedy happy when I found it over on Depop for the princely sum of £7 and snapped it up sharpish. The little off-white cami is such a wardrobe staple, I use it all the time under shirts to add a bit of interest but it works so beautifully on it’s own as a more dressed up look.

It’s that time of year so jumpers are go…

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This stupidly oversized cream cable knit is a style that is everywhere at the moment. It’s a fairly classic staple that I bring out every year. It tends to just fit with everything I have within my autumn/winter wardrobe and is super warm. This was originally from Topshop again but it’s from a good few years ago and I picked it up on, you guessed it, Depop. Jumpers can be a little trickier when it comes to second-hand as they tend to bobble and deteriorate quicker than things like denim so it takes a bit more work when it comes to finding decent ones but it is definitely an option and is that little bit more satisfying when you succeed in your quest.

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Instagram and the fashion/blogging world seems to be abuzz with people discussing fashion sustainability and how we consume clothing and it’s not an issue that I think is going to solve itself overnight, but if all of us make small changes to how and where we purchase I think things can only get better overtime. I feel we have got a long way to go but maybe next time you feel like hitting up the shops for some new season pieces you could pick up your phone and hit up some second-hand online shops instead…

I hope this blog hasn’t been to rambling/preachy, I am nowhere near intelligent enough or clued up enough to properly argue or comment on it in depth but I think we all need to start somewhere and if we start little conversations like this it will make more and more people aware and start the change we need…

Thanks for reading as always,

Molly Catherine




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