The sun will come out tomorrow… (hopefully…)

I’m trying to take on Annie’s positive go get ’em attitude in titling this blog after her most catchy of tunes. It can be pretty hard to maintain that irritatingly PMA (positive mental attitude… I’m not sure if this an actual abbreviation people use but I’m rolling with it…) when there’s something that seems intent on making me utterly miserable…. I’ve been making little spring/summer wardrobe purchases here and there for a while now and I am itching to style them up and get some wear out of them, there’s only one thing stopping me… this bleedy awful weather!

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Now as a general rule I’m definitely more of an Autumn/Winter gal. I adore jumpers, boots and cooler temperatures, berets, Christmas and crunching through leaves but when it gets to this point in the year, when winter should most definitely be over I am so incredibly ready for a dose of that big old yellow thing in the sky.

The weather this winter here in the UK has been particularly awful. We’ve had a whole lot of late in the season snow, plenty of bitter winds courtesy of the “Beast from the East” and, as expected, a hideous amount of rain, which, with my newly cut-in fringe has made for some rather interesting drowned rat looks (any tips for fringe taming greatly received…). It has been positively miserable this year and even a colder season lover such as myself has most definitely had enough.

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Now, as I am British it is only natural that I will rant about the weather as much as physically possible. Any opportunity I get to ramble on to the postman or a customer where I work about how much rain/snow/sleet etc. we’ve been having I will inevitably take it, the fact I’m currently writing a blog about it is evidence enough that I like to complain about the grey skies that inevitably dominate here.

So to try and get myself in to more of a positive Spring like mentality (I am trying, BELIEVE ME…) I’m going to share with four different things I’m looking forward to wearing this coming Spring and Summer and how I’ll be styling them up if we do get any sun at any point in the near future…

Midi Skirts

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Up until a couple of years ago the thought of a midi to ankle length skirt just conjured up images of old ladies off to their weekly bingo, not that that’s a bad thing at all, just not something I envisaged myself being able to pull off. For someone that’s only 5ft 2″ (I think, I mean, I haven’t measured myself in a long time, all I know is I’m really bloody short…) that length skirt is probably something that would be unflattering or deemed as inappropriate proportionately for my body (screw the rules though…) so it was never a style I ventured to wear. That was until about 2 years ago when I picked up a little bright red polka dot vintage one and my view on them changed. I now don’t think I could make it through a summer without one (or a wardrobe full in my case…). This little multi coloured polka dot number from Topshop is my current fave, the little button up detail and knee high split just add a nice little edge. I’ll be styling my (numerous) midis this year with a slogan or plain t-shirt, basket bag and espadrilles or Converse, which brings me nicely onto my next item…

Trainers and Flats

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I’ve never been a high-heel wearer, I’ve always felt far more comfortable in flats but never really ventured near trainers or styles such as Converse for fear of looking like a small child, again not that that really matters but they scared me a little bit to be honest. It’s only been in the last year that I purchased my first pair of (bright red and oh so dreamy…) Converse and now I don’t know what I did before I had them. They have become my go to easy to style shoe, not to mention so bloody comfy and I adore them. I purchased these Superga Cotropews with a voucher I got given for my birthday back in February I was a bit dubious as to whether I’d really like them when I saw them in the flesh but I was proven wrong, they are the perfect summer flat espadrille/trainer mash up. I think they’re going to get quite a lot of wear this summer, I picture them with simple outfits of high-waisted denim, sunglasses and a basket bag which yet again brings me on nicely to my third item…

Basket and Straw Bags

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This was yet another thing that I really wasn’t sure about. The past couple of years Instagram has been awash with lots of people’s beautiful feeds filled with gorgeous basket bags in all shapes and sizes. From the Jane Birkin structured bags to the perfectly round crossbody ones, I just wasn’t sure if it was a passing fad and that I would regret purchasing one when I was only realistically going to get a couple of months use out of it with the summers we have here in the UK. So when I saw the high street awash with them this new season I was pretty set on making a purchase. I was especially pleased to see some that were actually affordable too as last year was a little steep for my budget. This one from Zara seems to be everywhere at the moment but it’s easy to see why, it’s the perfect shape and size and it’s a steal at only £29.99. I’ll be getting a fair amount of use from this in the warmer months with all of the things I’ve mentioned in the previous sections, vintage denim, midi skirt and dresses etc etc etc…

Denim Jackets

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Now denim jackets are something that I have always worn and loved.  They are the epitome of easy breezy Spring and Summer dressing. They instantly give off cool-girl vibes (haha I’m not a cool girl but it doesn’t hurt trying right?!). They’re perfect for those cooler evenings in the summer over floral dresses when you’re in pub beer gardens soaking up the last evening rays. This little cream number from H&M (annoyingly couldn’t find online, similar style and colour one here) is perfect for when you’re not feeling the double denim look but still want that casual style of jacket.

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Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

The morning I went to take these shots the sun emerged and it got up to a positively balmy 15 degrees, I for one was very bloody excited about it.

It’s forecast to rain for the next 7 days straight…

I think the weather gods are punishing us for speaking too soon, well at least I’ll have something to talk to the postman about tomorrow morning at work…

Thanks for reading,

Molly Catherine



3 thoughts on “The sun will come out tomorrow… (hopefully…)

  1. First, you look darling Molly! Second, I had a smile on my face while I was reading this all the way through. I’m a Californian who is also an unapologetic Anglophile! It’s just so cute how you’re always going on about the weather! Blogs from the UK make me long to return…no matter the weather. We are watching the coverage of our POTUS visit now and saying “Oh, we’ve been there! Let’s go back!” BTW: So sorry the queen must spend time with our POTUS…I hope she’s able to indulge in at least one more alcoholic beverage today! I’d need an entire bottle to get through that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Molly Catherine Osborne

      Aww thank you so much Michele! It means a lot to hear people enjoy reading my blog! I do love a good moan about the weather, it’s been such gorgeous weather here in the UK recently but now everyone is moaning about how hot it is, it’s a never ending cycle haha! I’m sure the Queen has had a couple of gin and tonics to keep her going through today, I would definitely need the whole bottle too haha! x

      Liked by 1 person

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